Tuesday, April 3, 2012

With ease

Even though we've been getting to hotels pretty late and most of the kids have fallen asleep, we've managed well. Our system has been to put everything they need for the night in their overnight bag(each child has their own in a different color). This includes pj's, a pull up if needed, and their clothes for the next day. Chris and I also have a bag. Our clean clothes are kept in drawers in the van so I can fill the bags each day handily from each of the drawers. Then the only other bag that needs to come in is the toiletry bag. Our only snafu was allowing little man to walk into the hotel without shoes, which were required for breakfast the next morning.Eau Claire, Wisconsin had the best hotel to date for families. Two sets of bunkbeds, the twin up top and double on the bottom, plus a queen. Let's just say it was a sleepfest for our clan. Too bad it was only one night. Thank you Metropolis Hotel for thinking outside the box.Soon I will post photos...I promise.

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