Saturday, March 31, 2012


For those of you who don't know, my family is just beginning a 6 week trek across the USA. 7 children, one in utero, over 6,000 miles, 29 states. For those who might find this an opportunity to do whatever in our house while we're gone: it's being lived in so no, it's not vacant and secondly, we have seven kids...they've already trashed anything of value!Now for snippets from our trip thus far: We've had many chuckles trying to say "toy boats" five times fast. No one's been able to do it!We spent a maddening twenty minutes trying to find a turnpike ticket that we either a) already paid b) never had c) merely dreamed aboutIn fact, the booth we parked in front of was where you pick up the ticket, NOT where you pay. We had a good hearty laugh after that.Our first big stop was in Steubenville, Ohio to see good friends of ours. Rob, Tom, and Emily are godparents to some of our children. I promise to figure out how to post photos from my phone soon!

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