Sunday, April 22, 2012

San Francisco and beyond

With the snow storm we missed the gold digger sites and the story of Donner pass. But we did get to visit some Tyrrell family history from when my two oldest babes were wee babes. Our old apartment, from 10 years back when we lived in Sacramento, looks the same as well as the parks and such around it.

Old Sacramento looks much like an old western town. The boys were excited to find metal cowboy cap guns that they've been saving for.

In San Fran, we wandered through Ghiradelli Square and along the piers. We watched cable cars turn around and a man perform a Houdini like trick freeing himself from chains that attached him to a lamppost. Lunch was clam chowder in none other than the famous sour dough bread and shrimp eaten outside with the aggressive seagulls.

My favorite part were the elephant seals on pier 39. We could just watch them for hours.

Of course the best part was spending time with old friends from when Chris worked on the Simon Campaign, Dan and Alison Brennan. Alison has since become a best selling author of mystery/steamy romances.

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