Monday, April 16, 2012

Where the buffalo roam

Leaving South Dakota, I got really nauseous and dizzy for a spell. I realized later that it probably had to do with the elevation.

We drove to the far southwest corner of Wyoming to Mountainview, where we met up with a friend's mother. She led us 45 minutes up the mountain to her "cabin" in the woods. It was incredibly built with real huge logs and details that were truly unique.

This "pioneer" woman wanted us to shoot beaver but there weren't any beaver to be seen while we were there. Instead we hiked through the mud and snow, learned about tracking animals mainly by their poop, and learning to lash poles together--we made a rustic chair. Chris also took the kids on ATV rides. Let's just say we were all a little muddy by the time we were through.

I also found it amusing that I was fine hiking through snow, sometimes knee deep, but completely winded walking up or down the stairs.

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