Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Prairie Trail

Good Friday wasn't our normal Good Friday. We drove the Laura Ingalls Wilder Highway through Mankato, Sleepy Eye and Walnut Grove. We spent about an hour at the museum. It was really neat to see a replica of the Plumcreek dugout home.

We then went to Tracy for Good Friday services. The service was so beautiful even though Little Dude and Doodles were a bear. Little D was so attentive when they took down the covered crucifix from the ceiling then uncovered Jesus. He was so tender when we went up and touched the feet of Jesus. Doodles was insistent that she touch Jesus' feet. Afterward she kept repeating, "I touched Jesus' feet.".

We then drove and drove to Wall,SD, where the famous Wall Drug is. It's story is about a pharmacist and his family wanted to open up their own pharmacy and traveled to towns trying to find one with a Catholic Church so they could attend daily mass. They bought the drug store with a $3000 inheritance and moved to the small poor town. Business was slow for years until the pharmacist's wife on a particularly hot day and hearing motorists on the highway thought that the motorists must be thirsty. She made up signs offering free ice water. That was all it took. Now the place is on the map still offering free ice water, 5 cent coffee and sooo much more.

We stayed down the street at the Sunshine Motel. It was super clean, cheap, and the owner was so attentive and grateful for our business.

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