Thursday, April 19, 2012

Snow Chains

We played in snow in Wyoming, up high in the mountains but we didn't have to drive through any until we hit Reno. The highway pass over the Sierra Nevada-Donner Pass- required snow chains. Chris left us at 5am for a meeting in San Fran without knowing he needed chains. Thankfully he was able to buy them and have them put on when he got toward the pass. I, on the other hand needed to be prepared mentally and physically for going across. After a big breakfast, I bought chains and had the mechanic show me how to put them on.

Up the hill we went. I was surprised that it had stopped snowing and the roads were perfectly clear. Obediently, I stopped on the side of the road where the sign said to and put on my chains. I was so proud of myself. Then through the pass I went. And still there was n snow on the ground. Praise God! I've heard it can be really bad up their especially because of all the trucks. On the other side, I took off the chains and continued on our way. The snow started again, more heavily as we descended into Placerville. Then rain. Then bullet sized hail.

I crashed and went to bed immediately after arriving in Silicon Valley.

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