Sunday, April 29, 2012

A wee frustrated

I just lost 3/4 of a post! So frustrating!

Driving down the Pacific Coastal Highway in California in the big blue van was a bit nerve racking. Not as bad as driving a little go cart of a car through the Dingle Peninsula of Ireland but still a nail biter none the less. Carmel was quite beautiful. We took time to frolic in the sand and tides.

We found another lovely place to stay. The Carmel River Inn has bungalows with fireplaces at surprisingly reasonable prices. We checked in, had a fire, and woke up to a secret garden. The grounds were in bloom with hammocks and porch swings and trails that the children played scouting cowboys.

Santa Monica was our resting ground. Hot dogs on a stick and the Popeyes cartoon were started there. North of Malibu, we visited Leo Carrillo State Park. What a wonderland with rocks to climb, caves to explore while ocean water splashes about, and tidal pools filled with starfish, sea urchins, crabs, mussels, and little squid were living. Thank you Kathy for the recommendation.

I must confess that we did go to Hollywood Blvd. We had some fun finding the stars for Bugs Bunny and Big Bird.

Leaving California, we spent the night at an old friend's house, whom we haven't seen nor kept in touch with in over 10 years. Thank you Facebook!

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